Sustainable developmentRespectful and committed with our world

Intermas Group is determined to help lead change by being respectful with the environment and also the community. Across the whole company our policies and strategies ensure this commitment to world well-being.

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The circular economy

The Group is focused on reducing residual materials. There are different strategies taken to re-use or minimise this waste. Collaborating with technical centers like rubbish dumps to improve the collection of recycled plastics. But also integrating Intermas Nets Recycling subsidiary as a recycling plant.

Recycling with Intermas Nets Recycling

The subsidiary Intermas Nets Recycling leads the way towards reducing the production wastes. By analysing and evaluating the whole value chain from raw material to finished goods to treat residual materials.

The main activity is transforming plastic residual materials from bottles, containers and other industrial waste into plastic sheets (HDPE) to be reused as raw material for different industries.

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Low consumption light bulbs on the ceiling

Lower energy consumption

All manufacturing plants in Intermas Group have low-consumption LED bulbs to reduce electricity consumption. Plus, the implementation of the management systems (ISO 14001 standard) at production sites ensure and control the risks and impact on the environment. 

Impact of transport

In 2019 Intermas Group have deployed an innovative Digital Framework in order to reduce the transportation impact of our employees. The Group has integrated several elements to connect digitally across countries:

- Videoconference rooms
- Skype for business and Voice over IP service (VoIP)
- Virtual working applications to use either from mobile, laptop and PC.

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Best sustainable practices among employees

Our employees also drive a change in sustainability. In all the factories, offices and sites Intermas Group controls individual waste. Rubbish bins are placed throughout the sites, clearly identified by colours to manage each residual material.

Using sourced products & staying vigilant throughout the life cycles of our products

Intermas Group uses polyethylene and polypropylene, two thermoplastic resins that are among the most used in our everyday life and guaranteed to be harmless, non-polluting and 100% recyclable. The raw materials used are in compliance with legislation on the absence of heavy metals.