Our commitmentTo build innovative and sustainable solutions for our industrial and retail activities

Intermas Group is always looking to improve quality, reliability, but also sustainability, in every single product to establish a long-term customer satisfaction which is key in a competitive international market.

Our expertise and the 360º vision of company processes enables us to continuously optimise production processes, analyse and improve methods and delivery times, which is reflected in higher productivity and greater waste reduction.

Our Quality proposition

Quality is a key factor in an internationally demanding market. In Intermas Group our Health, Safety, and Environment Quality Department works hard to achieve the best results throughout all the processes.

Their main goals are to:

  • Ensure and guarantee product quality through all the production processes.
  • Keep full traceability of batches to detect any possible defects.
  • Use and improve new working methods.  

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Expertise and Know-how across our solutions

From 1957, when the company was founded, the company already had the expertise and technical skills for production processes. Since then, we have kept these values to create and develop new solutions for all our activities. These two key values in the company have helped us become market leaders.

Forward thinking everyday

Intermas Group faces new challenges every day, worldwide. This is why our Innovation and Development teams work together with Production and Manufacturing to think and adapt to every need or project demand. Having a quick response to daily challenges ensures a great product portfolio to meet our customer’s needs.

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Always keeping our footprint in mind

As an extruded plastic manufacturer, sustainability is the key to reducing our footprint. Reducing negative environmental impact is at the forefront of our employee's actions, for every activity and project across the company. That is why certifications such as FSC®, ISO are key for the group. It’s also why Intermas Nets Recycling is the group’s recycling subsidiary.  


After implementing a quality assurance project, establishing work methods and adhering to quality standards and procedures, we were awarded the ISO 9002* standard for quality in 1994. From that time, we have renewed the certification every three years, once the auditing process has been conducted to bring it in line with European regulations on quality management systems, ISO 9001.

*In 2000, the ISO 9002 standard gave rise to the ISO 9001 standard.

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