Five values, which are ever-present in all of our activities, are carried out and shared by all employees of the Intermas group across the world every day.


Thanks to our experience, we supply high-quality products and solutions to all of the sectors in which we operate.

This reliability, supported by our customers and the markets, allows us to achieve a certain number of objectives of the highest importance to us, such as attracting and retaining the best talents within our teams, creating customer loyalty and developing long term partnerships with successful companies


Mastering our extrusion technology, extrusion enables us to be the world leader of the sectors in which we carry out our business.

Our aim is to become a innovator in order to continue to grow and to succeed in business, thus ensuring our position and our influence on the market.


Our Group is divided into multiple Business Units, each one dedicating itself to its speciality. This strategy for diversifying our activities, combined with the fact that our sites and our customer portfolio are widely distributed geographically, is proving to be the key to our success.

The professionalism and international nature of our teams go hand in hand with and encourage our future growth in the countries and markets in which we are not yet present.


We are a group with family origins, born out of tradition, that is heading towards a dream. The passion and commitment of one man represents the basis of our current success.

The foundation on which we are now building the values of our present and our future has been established as a result of the coming together based on our founding culture and the skills that we have fine tuned over the years. These values make our Group an enriching place to work.


Our corporative approach to continual improvement allows us to move closer and closer to our environmental objective: to reduce the impact of our manufacturing processes, transport and our packaging on the natural environment as much as possible.

All stages of the life cycles of our products follow a strict inspection in order to contribute to sustainable development with the least amount of impact.