In a competitive international market, long-term customer satisfaction is a token of loyalty and development. Whether or not they are made clear, the Intermas group works to meet the realities and expectations of its customers, and aspires to anticipate them even more.


› Endeavour to meet customers' current and future needs
› Endeavour to meet customers' current and future needs

The Intermas group shares an in-depth knowledge of its customers' situations and wishes with its suppliers, covering all of its business units, and endeavours to provide them with solutions. In order to do so, all employees work together in a global approach to customer service. The marketing and R&D teams work hand in hand with the technical teams to identify how best to meet customers' needs and contracts. In addition, all of our employees are aware of a teaching approach, which is of course expressed in our business relationships but also through our means of communication (catalogues, websites) and our product packaging.

› Building a long-lasting relationship: being attentive to customers
› Building a long-lasting relationship: being attentive to customers

Designed to last, our business relationships are based on an irreproachable professional ethical code. All of the group's employees are committed considering working with our customers and suppliers as real partners, and many initiatives are taken every year to allow meetings to take place or feedback to be shared. Finally, the Intermas group makes available to its customers a communication line dealing with any disputes through a mediation service. We regularly measure customer satisfaction by means of a survey carried out every two years for customers of the 7 business units.



Quality, reliability, but also eco-responsibility, each product of the Intermas group is the opportunity to prove our expertise. The strength and openness of an international group with a presence in more than 70 countries; on the other hand, the awareness of all the specifics - market and local - via the expertise of each of our business units.

Beyond the product and the services provided, it is also entirely a business relationship that benefits from the spirit of performance that motivates our teams. Our B2B tools are constantly changing to facilitate the everyday life of our buyers, and the Intermas group is working concurrently to the satisfaction of our customers. In this way, many B2C platforms are produced to allow our users to use the products more easily, especially in the gardening sector.

With the aim of adding value to the products that we offer, we are in the process of introducing a CRM system to organise the entire process, which will allow us to create, communicate to and provide our customers with just one simple thing: a relationship for the future that will enable us to generate mutual loyalty and reliability. The future is not only for those who have products but also those who have customers, their relationships and their information.