The Intermas group has always prided itself on creating a strong bond of trust with each of its employees. Many active steps are thus taken œevery day to conserve the assets of a human-scale group, namely flexibility, responsibility and commitment.


› Recruit, promote integration and train the professionals of the future
› Recruit, promote integration and train the professionals of the future

We believe that our team of men and women is our most valued asset and our main source of competitiveness and success. In this way, we are conserving our original mission: to establish long-term relationships with our employees that are based on trust, commitment, teamwork and demand.

› Add value to skills and individual initiatives
› Add value to skills and individual initiatives

The Intermas group ensures that each group manager - assisted by the HR teams - is attentive to the personal and professional development of those employees reporting directly to him/her. By means of regular meetings and annual performance reviews, they undertake, in particular, to help the employees develop in their role, to increase their technical and interpersonal skills and to ensure that they flourish personally. Training plays a particularly important role at the heart of these challenges. Training courses are provided at all levels of the organisation throughout the employee's career and they are distributed enenly amongst our Business Units.

We encourage our employees to reconcile their personal and professional life and we promote equality amongst all of our employees.

› Develop a strong company culture
› Develop a strong company culture

In order to strengthen the feeling of belonging to our Group, we are constantly looking to involve our employees in sharing our values. The Group's managers pride themselves on involving their teams in the success of the company on a daily basis and they value individual contributions to the global project.


The safety of personnel, for which the Management and the Executives are responsible, is the subject of permanent attention. This safety is expressed around 3 main points:

Communication and involvement
› Communication and involvement
  • Constant communication and involvement of all participants: the Intermas group has designed a safety chart that has been deployed at all of the group's industrial sites right from the very start, and that records all the risk prevention and accident management regulations. In addition, training sessions and awareness meetings are organised regularly for teams in the field and executive personnel.
Risk assessment
› Risk assessment
  • A permanent risk assessment by way of prevention: the Intermas group organises regular audits and provides an in-depth statistical follow-up of each safety indicator. This assessment is updated constantly to integrate new stakes.
Analysis and continuing improvement
› Analysis and continuing improvement

An analysis and continuing improvement of the system: the aim of these audits is to improve corrective and preventive actions and to distribute them to all business units and industrial sites of the Group.