INTERMAS Gardening offers a wide range of innovative and creative solutions, designed to meet the expectations of all garden lovers. The aesthetics, practicality and also respect for the environment are the common denominators of our products, some of which are biodegradable and allow an "organic" kitchen garden and "ecological" garden to be grown. Our range of materials, styles and colours allows everyone to choose the "Decor" solution to suit their taste for planning their special garden. Whether you require DIY accessories, new screening creations, garden furniture or even decorative, natural or synthetic items, our team will advise you on the best solutions for developing your outside area.

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Thanks to a constant search for innovation, Intermas Packaging has one of the widest ranges of products on the Packaging market, which allows it to provide packaging specialists and producers across the world with real solutions. All of our products are manufactured following the highest quality standards and are in compliance with environmental standards, which gives our customers maximum guarantee with regard to the protection and appearance of the packaging and suitable contact with the fresh produce.


The conditionning machines have been specially designed as an ideal complement to the Intermas nets use.

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INTERMAS Aquaculture specialises in providing plastic solutions to the aquaculture sector. We offer a wide range of netting intended to meet all your needs, whatever your trade: mussel farming, shellfish farming or even oyster farming. Our range of products spans bags and protection, packaging and shade nets. We have expanded our range with new products and accessories for marine farming.

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INTERMAS Agriculture provides an entire range of extruded and woven plastic nets and accessories, whatever your trade, for farming and for the protection and growth of plants in green spaces, vineyards, arboriculture and sylviculture. In addition, we are increasing our efforts to offer solutions in keeping with the environment thanks to the development of new-generation ecological products that are 100% biodegradable.


Thanks to our nets, you will be able to protect your farming and trees against many nuisances.

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INTERMAS has been a point of reference in the building and public works sector for more than 30 years. Our department is constantly making an effort to find high-quality solutions to facilitate your construction works in terms of marking building sites, protecting façades, screening, etc.

Through study and calculations, our team of engineers implements customised projects, providing the solution that best fits the needs of the location. Our constant developments, which are based on cutting edge extrusion and assembly technology, allow us to present a wide range of geocomposites applied in CET, basins or Civil Works. The function of our products is to control erosion, establishment of revegetation, control drainage or even to stabilize soils.


The fruit of our experience, together with our constant dedication to Research & Development, as well as our exclusive know-how allowed us to develop a new range of drainage composites.

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INTERMAS Technologies is our industrial division par excellence. Our extrusion and plastic mesh weaving production methods and also our teams' technical skills and expertise allow us to provide professional solutions that are innovative and customised for each of your specific needs and for multiple applications, whether it be for filtration, protection, composites, etc. We use high quality and non-polluting raw materials and the quality of our products is linked to the performance of their mechanical properties. Our R&D and Innovation department allows us to constantly adapt to market developments.


Our manufacturing process has the highest standard level as prooved by our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certifications.

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