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Intermas Nets USA Inc. is an Intermas Group subsidiary located in Florida (USA). The Group is specialized in manufacturing and distributing plastic netting solutions for many different sectors such as Gardening, Industry, Packaging, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Geosynthetics and Building.

General data

Intermas Group is a world leader in manufacturing extruded plastic netting. Its headquarter office is located in Barcelona, Spain.

A very wide range of products is grouped into different activities and specialized sectors which bring more appropriate solutions to the most demanding customers.

Following its internationalization philosophy and after developing a strong manufacturing and marketing distribution network in Europe, Intermas Group has decided to set a new base for the North American continent.

On June 1st, 2013, subsidiary Intermas Nets USA Inc. opened its doors in Florida to better serve the U.S. and Canada markets.

The creation of this new subsidiary in U.S. aims at making Intermas stronger and bringing the Group closer to its American and Canadian customers thanks to a more reliable service and an easier accessibility. Intermas presence in Florida offers the following key benefits:

  • direct contact with the U.S. representatives, 
  • easy access to marketing materials, 
  • live customer assistance, 
  • warehousing facility in South Carolina.





Presence and markets

2655 Le Jeune Rd. Suite 810
Coral Gables, FL 33134
TEL.00 1 305 442-1416
FAX.00 1 305 442-1610