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Intermas Nets S.A. – located in Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona, Spain) – is the central headquarters of the Intermas Group. This is the site of the Group’s main production centre, as well as its central offices. Intermas is a leading manufacturer of extruded plastic mesh for various sectors such as gardening, industry, geosynthetics, building, packaging, agriculture and aquaculture.

General data

Mr. Josep Mas founded Intermas Nets S.A. in 1957 in Cardedeu (Barcelona, Spain), laying the foundation for a leading company in the production and distribution of extruded mesh.

Initially, the company was involved in the packaging business, offering tubular packaging mesh to the fruit and vegetable sector. Over the years, it has worked at widening its range (square mesh, bi-oriented mesh, etc.) and at diversifying its operating sectors.

The acquisition of companies in Europe - both, manufacturing plants and distributors - has contributed to powering its industrial development, thus helping it gain market share throughout the world. This continuous growth helped convert the organisation into a large Group: THE INTERMAS GROUP.

This clear commitment to investment and its strategy of diversification and globalisation has without a doubt played a crucial part in its successful expansion on a global scale, which today allows it to trade in more than 70 countries.

At present, the company specialises in several activities, offering products and services specific to the markets to which they are directed, whether gardening, industry, geosynthetics, building, agriculture or aquaculture.

Its policy of continuous improvement implemented by the Quality Department, the commitment to investment in Research, Development and Innovation, together with an excellent human resource team, allow INTERMAS solutions to satisfy the requirements of all its customers, with optimum adaptation to market demands.



Presence and markets

Ronda Collsabadell, 11 (P.I Collsabadell)

08450 Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona)
TEL.+34 938 425 700
FAX.+34 938 425 701