Protection and separation

Nets for industrial protection and separation

Intermas presents a complete range of products (protective sleeves, protection netting, protection meshes and separation netting) for the protection and conditioning of industrial goods and products. These materials, made using the core technologies of the company, offer some unique advantages in the protection and conditioning of a big variety of industrial and consumer goods. Thanks to their bi-planar characteristics, avoid direct contact between surfaces, therefore preventing scratches and all sorts of damage which may occur.

Application in industrial packaging

The elasticity and recovery of extruded netting makes it an ideal material for industrial packaging, as it is very easy to lay on the parts to cover, and does not take volume to store. It is also important in certain applications that these nets are permeable, allowing materials to breathe, or treatments with finishing as spray, impregnation or bathing (oil / grease, etc). One key advantage in today's environment is that these products are made of 100% recyclable plastics (mostly Polyethylene), facilitating greatly their disposal after use. See below our protective sleeves and pallet separation.