Composites: resin infusion

Nets for the composite industry

Over the last decade, Intermas Group has developed a specialized range of nets for the Composite Industry aiming to provide the most suitable and reliable solutions for vacuum infusion. Our proved extruded netting solutions are widely and successfully used around the world to produce high quality laminates.

Experienced R&D Engineers work thoroughly to develop customized solutions that can fulfill specific requirements and to continuously adapt our products to the market expectations. Intermas' solutions for the composite Industry are used in multiple applications with meshes from high flow and high temperature to medium flow and low flow.

Benefits of Intermas Flow Media Nets

  • High quality laminates
  • Reliable & proved performance
  • Wide range of nets & flow capacities
  • Designed to minimize resin waste
  • Tested flow capacities
  • Resistant to high temperaturesthanks to PA6 & PBT


Resin Infusion is a process by which vacuum draws resin into a dry fibre laminate in a one sided mould. A rigid or flexible film membrane is placed over the top and sealed around the mould periphery. Resin infusion is considered a "Closed Mould Process".


Intermas' product line for vacuum infusion has been tested under realistic operation conditions of pressure, temperature and resin type in order to provide the adequate information for designers and operators, including the flow capacity for each reference in kg/min and the wasted resin which will remain in the net after the infusion process in g/m2.

As well, other characteristics such as the raw material, mesh size and flexibility of our nets make them adequate for their use in many industrial applications.

Benefits for the resin infusion

  • Better fibre to Resin ratio
  • Stronger laminate
  • Low void content
  • Reduction of operator exposure to harmful emissions
  • Reduction of resin usage due to pre-compacted fabric
  • Faster Ply lay-up


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information; samples and tests results are available under request. Our team will be pleased to recommend and to help you choose the most adequate solution according to the application.